SketchDock is not like any other dock. It does a lot more than just charge your iPhone - or iPad Mini.  

SketchDock transforms your iPhone 4 or 5 or iPad Mini into a...  
- Full multitouch trackpad for your desktop or laptop
- Number pad  
- Sketch and drawing input - direct into Photoshop
- Signature pad  
- Music and media control

Use the JaJa Stylus to Draw Direct to your Desktop Art Apps with full pressure sensitivity!

SketchDock is crafted from precision aluminium, it will charge your iPhone 4 or 5 during use, it will accept both the lightning and 30 pin cables. ShetchDock fits most cases up to 3mm thick for iPhone. SketchDock is styled to fit right in next to your Apple keyboard, enhancing the functionality of your iPhone and eliminating the need for a digitizing tablet or a trackpad. 

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